This is my ‘techincal’ Blog where I posts my feelings, experiences, hopes, and nightmares about stuff ‘techincal’.

I’m a nearly 50 year old ‘Software Engineer’ working at Seattle Wa.   I’ve been in computers since I was 16 years old (back in ’76 – where I used the local university computer – Western Terminal System and their IBM 360/40).

I’m into Linux – but not a Linux Bigot as I’m also into Windows.  I like Perl, C, C++, Java etc… as well as C#, Visual Basic, .NET, Powershell, SharePoint, SQL, etc…

Also into old computers.  No I don’t want your Uncle Fester’s Packard Hell he’s had in his closed for the past 10 years.  I’m interested in non-PC computers.  I have a Alpha Workstation running VMS, and a microVAX also running VMS.  A Sun Ultra 10 running solaris as well as a Ultra 2.  A couple of Apple IIs, a Apple IIgs, etc…  Also run various other OSes under emulators (like Simh and even Hercules).  So if you have something mouldering away in your attic…

Also getting into Satellite TV, Digital Photography (not much), and Video production (mostly for home videos).

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