Invented Clock or Hoax Bomb…

A Texas high school student ‘invented’ a clock and brought it to school.  The police were called because it ‘went off’ in English class (and he was Muslim).

Or so the Media would have you believe.

What really happened:

Ahmed took the innards of an old Radio Shack clock and fitted it in a brief-case like enclosure.  Please note – he did not ‘invent’ anything.

Ahmed took this to school.  It was not a school assignment.  It was totally unexpected.  He showed it to his Electronics teacher who advised him not to take it to any other classes.   Ahmed ignored his teachers advised and hauled it around to all his classes – he even set it to go off during his English Class which it did.  The English teacher saw the ‘clock’ with loose wires and everything and called the Principal who then called the police.  Ahmed refused to answer any questions (or even refer them to his electronics teacher) until his parent (Muslim and Islamic activists) arrived.

The media of course, went ballistic claiming he was targeted because he was Muslim and he was only ‘inventing’ a clock.  Obama invited him to the white house and Microsoft gave him a lot of gifts as well.

Ok now.  think for a minute.  If you wanted to build a clock what would you do?  You probably wouldn’t start with an existing clock (that would be called cheating).  I would probably wire up a microcontroller like an Arduino with a real time clock and a display, do a little programming and voila – I created a clock.  If I wanted to get fancy I would put this in a box or something (cardboard or even plastic),  Add a few buttons for setting the time, etc…

Ok – now think a little more. Consider if you wanted to create a media incident about being targeted for being Muslim.  What would you do?  As well as make people hesitate on calling in strange activity (see something – say something).

Well I would create a device which looks an awfully lot like a bomb – perhaps a suitcase bomb.  Set it off during what is probably the most non-technical class I could think of (English) and then let people react like they would no matter what ethnic group I was in.

Here is what his ‘clock’ looked like:


(also note that the media did not, ever not even once, showed this picture – that would defeat the narrative.  This is from another blog posting).

As you can see this is obviously a clock (/SARC).

Here is what I think happened.  Hold on to your tinfoil hat!

Ahmed or his father wanted to get some publicity and earn some ‘cred’ as well as show ‘blantant racist bias against Muslims’.   They may also have wanted to get people to hesitate to report activity – the neighbor of the San Bernindino Islamic Terrorists for example.

So Ahmed, or his Father, build this ‘hoax bomb’ using parts from an old Radio Shack clock and deliberately placed it in a briefcase (a lot of bombs on TV appear in briefcases) with a lot of wires hanging around.  Ahmed took it to school and showed it to his Electronics teacher (who recognized that it wasn’t really a bomb but advised him not to take it to any classes – because his fellow teachers were not as technical).

Ahmed didn’t want anything to do with that – it would defeat the purpose and he set it to go off during a non-technical class (English).  When it did the teacher looked at the briefcase (which as you can see looks awfully like bombs shown on TV shows) and alerted the Principal who, in turn, alerted police.

The teacher wasn’t about to ignore it and potentially have, what appears to be a bomb, explode in class killing a number of students and neither was the Principal.   Ahmed, following his script refused to provide any information – which of course raised even more questions.  Please note that this would have happened regardless of what religion the student followed.

The media, of course, exploded because poor Ahmed was being discriminated against for being Muslim (what race is Muslim? Isn’t that a religion?).   There were an awful lot Muslim groups set and ready to come to his defense – almost as if they were tipped off beforehand.  (We’ve see this again afterwards – CAIR was on the networks advising against ‘backlash against Muslims’ before the details were known about the San Bernindino terrorist act).

President Obama, called Ahmed up and invited him to the White House (apparently not even inquiring with the police or school what realty happened).  The Muslim Advocacy groups and news media made him out to be some whiz kid.