Arrogant Software

I hate it when software – or rather software manufacturers – become arrogant.  Take for example Google Update.  By the name I assume that this is used by google software to check for updates. 

However google insists that a) it run at system startup along with the hundreds of other applications which are trying to start at the same time and b) that it runs all the time.

Why does software which only checks for updates have to be running ALL THE TIME?  There is absolutely no reason for it.  I don’t care if it’s not doing anything – it’s taking up resources and a entry in the process table.

Another one is Steam – it always starts up during the startup period and prompts you to logon to steam.  I am not asking to logon or use Steam or play any games on steam.  Yet I have this damn login panel in my face.  And if it cannot connect to the internet it complains and offers to run in ‘offline’ mode – and then if you choose offline mode it bitches because it cannot connect to the server (don’t get me started on stupid software design…).

Yet another is Adobe update.  It seems that Adobe releases an update to reader, flash or air about once a month – and this panel pops up and tell you that you have to re-install. WTF?  Maybe it’s the cost of free software to have this in your face every few days or something.  I don’t even use Adobe reader (I prefer Foxit Reader – smaller and doesn’t have this frigging annoying update every few days).