WordPress and Facebook

Facebook is good – but limited in the nature and complexity of what you can post – it is a social networking site and not oriented toward posting long-rambling articles (like this one).  Blog software such as WordPress give a person a forum to post article (and essay) sized and complex postings (with embedded pictures, video, and general media).

Facebook is, at least for now, the foremost ‘Social Networking’ site.  This is where you and your friends can post messages on your wall, send messages to each other, post pictures, link to videos, and comment on other’s postings. You can also filter who can see which postings.  Its great for interacting with others.

WordPress is one of the most popular Blogging software out there (and free).  With Themes and Plugins you can have a very professional looking Blogsite in a few hours.  Postings are generally ‘public’ and anyone can see them.  Its focus is basically to publish your own articles and allow others to comment (and comment on the comments, etc…).   This site, babbling-geek.com is a seperate WP website with its own DNS address.  You can also create a wordpress blog under the wordpress.com site in just a few minutes and you don’t have to have your own web-hosting or DNS address.

For example right now I am editing this article with Windows Live Editor (part of windows Live) which allows for a word-processor like interface and you can embed videos, tables, pictures, links, maps, etc.. very easily.  You can also edit articles directly on the WP site itself.  But I find using windows live easier.  I used to have a ‘blog’ like site I would edit by typing in the raw HTML codes into a ‘.html’ file – that was much more difficult because I spent more brainwidth on ensuring that the HTML tags were correct and closed properly instead of the actual content.

What if you can link the two?   That way you can post your article-size ramblings and also post them to facebook.  Well between the Facebook API and the WordPress Plugins you can.  There are WordPress plugins you can use to allow you (and others) to post your words of wisdom on their FB walls (also Twitter, and other networking sites).

By opening this article (clicking on the title) WordPress will display a number of icons which allows you to note the article to various social networking sites (such as facebook, Twitter, Wave, etc…).

Scary.  Now I can expose everyone I know to my rambling.  Brahahaha……