Massively Parallel Reincarnation

Now you heard of re-incarnation right?  Where we live a series of consequetive lives hopefully to learn some life lession in each to reach some higher lever of being…..

Now suppose that’s true – however instead of living lives in a series – one after another.  Reincarnation is massively parallel.   That is we, or a being of some sort, lives hundreds, thousands, millions, hech even billions of lives a the same time.

What is there is only one individual ‘being’ or ‘person’ living billions of lives at the same time, concurently – currently over 6 billion.  So everyone you see – everyone on earth is an incarnation of the same ‘person’ or being.

Your mother and father were simply another ‘incarnation’ or ‘thread’ of yourself.  So is that guy down at the grocery store and the hot chick you saw on the street the other day. Clint Eastwood – another you.  Obama – another you.  Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Che,  – another you.  Mother Teresa – another you.  Jack the Ripper?  Yup you did it!  That kid up picked on in school?  Yourself.

And somewhere – somehow this single being is reading and sorting all these live lessons until it reaches some point where it – what?  Reaches some higher level of being?  Becomes a god?  A deamon?  Or just gets bored with this game and goes out to play with it’s friends.

OK well that was just a thought.  I don’t think its true.  Just a mental exercise.